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Who Do You Prefer?!

Animal Ark tries it’s best to supply the Kingwood and surrounding areas with a wide variety of pets and pet products. We carry specialty foods for your dog or cat in regular and grain free varieties. For the more scaley critters, we have live, frozen and dried foods as well as the bowls and cage decorations to keep your pets happy. Lighting for these special guys also available in a plethora of wattage. We’ve even stocked a great assortment of foods for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils,  mice and rats. Exotics like Sugar Gliders and Degu’s even have a selection! Call or visit today for an extensive list of our … Continue reading

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Baby Guinea Pigs!

We have some new additions as of 9-23-13. These little guys are born ready to eat and fend for themselves. It’s like a miniature version of their parents! The Guinea Pig originated in the Andes Mountains, not from Guinea like most people expect. They are even used as a food source in certain South American areas. The Guinea Pig is relatively easy to care for and their docile nature make these guys a great pet. There are even competitive breeders that compete for coat consistency, length and color. Imagine a dog show, but for Guinea Pigs! Come in today to see our new members of the Animal Ark family!

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We have a new addition to our Animal Ark family today. This is a Chinchilla. They’re native to the Andes Mountains in South America. They’re great jumpers and can reach heights of 6′! These guys are very active and require a lot exercise. Large wheels, large hamster balls, stimulus toys…etc are all good for these guys. Because they’re part of the rodent family, they need something to gnaw on since their teeth constantly grow. Wood toys are great for this. One super unique thing about Chinchillas is they don’t need a bath like most of the other mammalian pets. Their fur is so thick that water can cause mold and … Continue reading

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Another Red-eye!

This little guy popped out to say hello right after their misting and feeding.

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Baby Sugar Gliders!

We have new baby Sugar Gliders! These little guys were out of the pouch on August 26. They’ll be ready to go to a forever home on October 1st! Sugar Gliders are not beginner pets. They’re Nocturnal, social and need lots of love and attention. They have specialized diets with fruits and veggies. You have to bond with this pet like you would a small child. These guys, when not taken care of properly, can be easily stressed and even die. They’re not for everyone, but when taken care of properly, can be a very rewarding pet! Their life span is about 10 years. Come reserve your Sugar Glider today! … Continue reading

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Dog and Cat Food!

We sell a wide variety of dog and cat foods. Everything we carry is a top quality meal for your pets with competitive prices! We are also one of the only people in the Houston area that carries Victor Grain Free! Blue Buffalo Country Naturals Grandma Mae’s Nutro Ultra, Natural Choice and Max Victor (assorted varieties) Chicken Soup for the dog, cat and puppy lover’s soul. Dealers Choice Taste of the Wild BFF canned and pouch cat foods Weruva canned cat food Chicken Soup canned cat food If we don’t have it, we can get it or point you in the right direction!

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Baby Corn Snakes

We have a fantastic selection of hatchling Corn Snakes ready to go home. The parents of these beauties are beautiful and colorful Okeetee. The owner of a new snake from this batch might be surprised to see their adult colors! Come in and see our selection of snakes ranging from beginner level Ball Pythons and Corn Snakes to professional level Black Blood Python and Carpet Python!

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Reptiworm Nutritional Values!

Reptiworms, also known as Phoenix Worms and Black Soldier Fly Larvae, are delicious and nutritious for your carnivore/omnivore critters. They’re quiet. They don’t smell and you don’t have to feed them! They’re a complete replacement for crickets and other insect feeders. They’re now available in a plethora of sizes for even hatchling reptiles. Hermetia illucens can be eaten throughout every part of it’s life cycle. When the larvae darken into their Pupa stage they actually contain MORE calcium for your pet!

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$10 Gift Card Drawing

  Come in to Animal Ark by the end of September to enter a drawing to win a $10 Animal Ark gift card. The drawing will be held October 1st.

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He dosen’t miss any meals

Giant African Pixie Frog

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