Baby Guinea Pigs!

We have some new additions as of 9-23-13. These little guys are born ready to eat and fend for themselves. It’s like a miniature version of their parents!

The Guinea Pig originated in the Andes Mountains, not from Guinea like most people expect. They are even used as a food source in certain South American areas.

The Guinea Pig is relatively easy to care for and their docile nature make these guys a great pet. There are even competitive breeders that compete for coat consistency, length and color.

Imagine a dog show, but for Guinea Pigs!

Come in today to see our new members of the Animal Ark family!

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2 Responses to Baby Guinea Pigs!

  1. Sunny says:

    They are truly amazing pets, my girlfriend bought 2 guinea pigs 5 years ago. I used to be a dog person and wasn’t really thrilled by the new rodents in our house but a relationship costs sacrifices. Now i am totally attached to them and really recommend them as first time pets.

  2. Ellen Nathan says:

    I bought a guinea pig and I love her. She is so docile and super friendly. My birthday is on wednesday December 4 and I definently want another one.

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