Baby Sugar Gliders!

Baby Sugar Gliders

We have new baby Sugar Gliders! These little guys were out of the pouch on August 26. They’ll be ready to go to a forever home on October 1st!

Sugar Gliders are not beginner pets. They’re Nocturnal, social and need lots of love and attention. They have specialized diets with fruits and veggies. You have to bond with this pet like you would a small child. These guys, when not taken care of properly, can be easily stressed and even die. They’re not for everyone, but when taken care of properly, can be a very rewarding pet! Their life span is about 10 years.

Come reserve your Sugar Glider today! They need a bonding mommy or daddy!

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  1. Doyle Pruitt says:

    how much do you charge for a pair of sugar gliders?

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