We have a new addition to our Animal Ark family today. This is a Chinchilla. They’re native to the Andes Mountains in South America. They’re great jumpers and can reach heights of 6′! These guys are very active and require a lot exercise. Large wheels, large hamster balls, stimulus toys…etc are all good for these guys. Because they’re part of the rodent family, they need something to gnaw on since their teeth constantly grow. Wood toys are great for this.

One super unique thing about Chinchillas is they don’t need a bath like most of the other mammalian pets. Their fur is so thick that water can cause mold and other harmful things to grow. Instead of a warm bath, Chinchillas take dust baths! The dust keeps their fur clean and free of mites, fleas and other dirt and debris.

Their diet is mainly a hay based diet. There are special treats you can give your chinchilla, but only on occasion. Too much can cause your little guy or girl to become unhealthy.  Nuts and high moisture fruits should be avoided as well. They can cause ‘bloat’ which could be fatal.

Come in and see our new Chinchilla today!

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