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Halloween at Animal Ark!

Tomorrow is Halloween! Come into animal ark for some tastey treats for your biped and quadruped children! Costumes are not mandatory but recommended! Our Animal Ark family will also be dressed up in their craziest or scariest! Come on in and show us your best!

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Polydactyl!? What is that?!

Cats normally have 18 toes, 5 toes on both front and 4 on the back paws. Some cats have a genetic abnormality that can be passed down from parents. It’s called Polydactylism. Ernest Hemingway was a big fan of these kitties, giving them the name “Hemingway’s Cats.” This little black kitten has a total of 32 toes! She has found her forever home already but we wanted to share and educate you on the feline anomaly. It’s quite unique and gives this kitten more character than we thought possible for such a tiny critter. She’s adventurous and fears nothing.

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Spiney Crevice Lizard

Spiney Crevice Lizard Sceloporus poinsettii   These guys are native to Central TX and New Mexico. Fast and able to blend into their surroundings well, they’ll run and hide with any sign of danger. Crevice Lizards are mainly insectivores, but will occasionally eat soft greens.

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Available Repashy Products

Our new Repashy products are high quality for your exotic pets and their food! –Bug Burger is a complete feeder diet for food AND hydration. Bug Burger is full of Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamins, and Carotenoids to make your feeder insects gut loaded with the most nutritional value possible. This powder premix is easy to make. When completed properly, it becomes a gel. Our feeders LOVE it. Yours will too. –Calcium+ is a dusting powder used to increase the nutritional value of feeders for your insectivore pets. It contains the needed vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed. –Crested Gecko/Day Gecko Meal Replacement Powder is a quality meal replacement for your fruit … Continue reading

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Repashy Quality Products

New to Animal Ark! We now carry Repashy quality pet foods, suppliments and vitamins! These items are made from natural ingredients. They contain all the needed nutrients your pet needs to thrive. Come check out our selection!

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Legless Lizard

A Legless Lizard is a peculiar creature. It looks like a snake, right? Well it’s not! These guys can be distinguished from snakes by looking for external ear openings, eyelids and the longer tail (where snakes have very short tails). They can grow as long as 3 feet! Food for these guys range from small mammals and bird eggs to invertebrates.  These guys are still able to lose their tail like other lizards too! Don’t worry if your Legless drops it’s tail. It will regrow. Next time you’re surfing the web, check these guys out. X-rays show remnants of hipbones from a time when these guys could have had legs! … Continue reading

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Black Blood Python

      He has found his forever home earlier this week! We’ll sure miss this guy! This is our Black Blood Python. It’s a beautiful specimen. Bright orange eyes with the typical snake slit pupil. It’s a fantastic eater too! Naturally with special breeds like this you need proper temperatures and habitat settings. They are not for beginners and range more for the intermediate to professional handlers. Come by to see our extensive selection of snakes and other specialty reptiles.

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Halloween Is Almost Here!

With Halloween just around the corner, Animal Ark is bringing in their festive toys for your favorite family members!  

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Another Shot of Our Red-Eyes!

Our Red-eyed Tree Frogs are out and about!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Who wouldn’t want the mean, green, fighting machines in their fish tank!? Nickelodeon’s new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are now available! We’ve got Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, Splinter and even Kraang! You can’t have the good guys without the bad!

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