Available Repashy Products

Our new Repashy products are high quality for your exotic pets and their food!

Bug Burger is a complete feeder diet for food AND hydration. Bug Burger is full of Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamins, and Carotenoids to make your feeder insects gut loaded with the most nutritional value possible. This powder premix is easy to make. When completed properly, it becomes a gel. Our feeders LOVE it. Yours will too.

Calcium+ is a dusting powder used to increase the nutritional value of feeders for your insectivore pets. It contains the needed vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed.

Crested Gecko/Day Gecko Meal Replacement Powder is a quality meal replacement for your fruit eating geckos. When made properly it will resemble the same consistency as ketchup.

Grassland Grazer is a gel food for your leaf, grass and flower eating critters like Tortoise and Uromastyx.

Formic-cal+ is a Formic Acid supplement for Ant eating species of reptiles.

Meat Pie is a gel used as a meal replacement for your carnivorous critters like Monitors and Tegus.

RescueCal+ is a concentrated liquid calcium. It’s used to help rehabilitate reptiles with MBD or other calcium or Vit-D deficiencies.

Savory Stew is a meal replacement gel made for your Omnivorous critters like Sliders and Skinks.

Spawn and Grow is used for (what the name says) spawning and growing of your little fishies. S&G contains high levels of fat and protein to give your babies that extra oomph! It’s a gel premix.

SuperHatch is an egg incubating media. It changes color to let you know the perfect amount of moisture needed. It’s reusable! It’s great for Gecko eggs.

SuperVeggie is an herbivore meal replacement containing the essential nutrients for your veggie eating reptiles.

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