Legless Lizard

leglesslizard1 leglesslizard2

A Legless Lizard is a peculiar creature. It looks like a snake, right? Well it’s not!

These guys can be distinguished from snakes by looking for external ear openings, eyelids and the longer tail (where snakes have very short tails).

They can grow as long as 3 feet! Food for these guys range from small mammals and bird eggs to invertebrates.  These guys are still able to lose their tail like other lizards too! Don’t worry if your Legless drops it’s tail. It will regrow.

Next time you’re surfing the web, check these guys out. X-rays show remnants of hipbones from a time when these guys could have had legs!


Come see our Legless today! Maybe it will find it’s forever home with you!

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