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Try our Nutro Natural Choice dog food FREE!

Yup! You’ve read that correctly. I said completely free! With a purchase of a single 15 pound bag of Nutro Natural Choice dog food, you can be given a rebate for the full price of the bag. Just as an Animal Ark Associate for details!

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Sugar Gliders

  These guys are normally nocturnal, but when they hear someone rattling their treats, they’re up and awake!

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Baby Ferrets!

We’ve just received our litter of baby ferrets in time for the holidays. They’re full of energy and spunk. It’s like a cat and a slinky had a baby… a very cute and fuzzy baby. These guys are pretty easy to take care of but need lots of love and attention like any animal does. They’re here to find their forever home. Ferrets live for anywhere from 7 to 10 years and are carnivores. You can feed them ferret diet or high quality cat foods. They’re crepuscular. This means they sleep for a really long time (14-16 hours a day) and are only active around dawn or dusk. Ferrets like sleeping … Continue reading

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Zoo Med Holiday Rewards!

  The Holiday Season is upon us and Zoo Med would like to give you, our valued customers, some gifts just for purchasing our products. Listed below are the rewards you will qualify for each level of purchase, while supplies last. The rewards are not cumulative, so you will receive the highest valued reward that your receipt qualifies you for. Spend $50 and you will receive: One Zoo Med Snake Bottle Opener Keychain, assorted colors limited to stock on hand. Spend $100 and you will receive: One Coffee Mug with Zoo Med Logo (Logo Design and mug may vary from one pictured above). Spend $150 and you will receive: One … Continue reading

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Our salt water room!

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Salt water critters are in!

Pulsing Xenia Green Star Polyp (arch)Green Star Polyp (column) Our salt water room is coming along nicely. We just received our first frags!  

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Baby Bunnies!

We have a plethora of baby bunnies just in time for Christmas! Come and help give these guys a forever home! Please remember that these cute fluffy things are pets. They are members of your family. They can live up to 7+ years and are not a short term commitment. Holidays become a fantastic time for pets finding homes, but shortly after the holidays also become a horrible time where people decide they no longer wish to take on the responsibility of the pet any longer. Think about your decision. A bunny makes a cute pet, but it’s a long term commitment.  

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It’s a Tadpole! No! It’s a frog!

Wrong… It’s an Axolotl! These curious critters are fully aquatic amphibians. They’re also known as Mexican Salamanders. Mistaken often for Mud Dogs or Mud Puppies, they’re not even close. These guys never finish their metamorphosis. They remain in that half changed phase their whole life (naturally occurring in their genetics). Axolotls will max out at about 18″ in length and live for as long as 10 years. They’re carnivorous, eating small fish, worms and invertebrates… or pretty much anything they can fit in their mouths! When keeping an Axolotl as a pet, sand is recommended, but you can use large rocks, 1″ or larger. If the rocks are small enough … Continue reading

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Albino Red Tail Boa

This is our Male Albino Red Tail Boa. Weight: 815 grams Length: 2.5′-3′

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