Baby Ferrets!

We’ve just received our litter of baby ferrets in time for the holidays. They’re full of energy and spunk. It’s like a cat and a slinky had a baby… a very cute and fuzzy baby.

These guys are pretty easy to take care of but need lots of love and attention like any animal does. They’re here to find their forever home.

Ferrets live for anywhere from 7 to 10 years and are carnivores. You can feed them ferret diet or high quality cat foods. They’re crepuscular. This means they sleep for a really long time (14-16 hours a day) and are only active around dawn or dusk.

Ferrets like sleeping in a quiet and dark place so giving your new pet a hidey hole. There are special beds and toys made specifically for play and sleep. (we sell a few of these here specifically for ferrets)

Ferrets have a very unique method of “come play with me”. It’s commonly referred to as the “weasel war dance”. It’s a very hyper show of excitement much like our feline friends when playing with a favorite toy.


If this all sounds like something you and your family can enjoy, please come on down to Animal Ark and see our new additions to the AA family!


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