Rescues and Adoptions

We try to do as much as we can to help out our local community by rescuing exotics, small animals and kittens. We have our rules like any professional establishment and we try to follow those as strictly as possible. This makes our rescues safe and happy for us and their future Forever Homes.

Kittens are placed on a waiting list once they meet our requirements for rescue. They must be healthy, under 9 weeks, indoors and cannot be strays. We can’t take in stray kittens because it’s impossible to test for everything. We need to guarantee their health before adopting them out to their new homes. When a litter of kittens is dropped off at our door, it completely backs up all of our organized processes and not only hinders our progress in finding homes for these guys, but also ruins the next person on the list’s chances of finding their pets a home.  It’s like someone butting in line at lunch in grade school. No one likes it. It slows down the whole line.

Please try to be courteous of our rules and regulations in the adoption processes. We have them there for the safety of our associates, our customers and our pets.

If you see someone dumping their pets at Animal Ark, notify us with a license plate # and a description of the person(s) responsible if at all possible.

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