Golden Geckos

Golden Gecko

We just received our Golden Geckos!

These guys get there name from the yellow and golden colored scales. Golden Geckos originate from the tropical forests of Vietnam. They can reach a length of 8 inches.

They’re insectivores, eating crickets, superworms, mealworms (moderation) and small roaches. All of their food needs to be gutloaded and dusted for calcium and multivitamins.

The habitat needed for these guys should be a vertical space. Golden Geckos are climbers, making floor space less important. Temperatures should range 75-80 in the basking area and room temperature is fine in the ambient temp of the cage. They require 60% humidity, but the cage can be allowed to dry out on occasion to prevent mold and mildew. Mist them twice daily. Water bowls aren’t required but can help keep humidity up. Don’t make the bowl too deep if you decide to add one or you risk your critter and their food drowning.



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