Volunteer Work at Animal Ark


This young man comes into Animal Ark on his days off from school to help us keep the store in working order. As a volunteer, you’re expected to help feed and water our small animals and our petters (large enclosures in the front for handling certain animals like rabbits, guinea pigs and prairie dogs). Facing and dusting shelves are often done too. What you do depends on your age and skill level.

Volunteers have to be ready and willing to follow direction and learn about what they’re caring for while here.

It can be a very rewarding and educational experience!


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8 Responses to Volunteer Work at Animal Ark

  1. valorie m says:

    how old do you need to be? and do you an adult to watch you?

  2. Stephanie Olmos says:

    Is this still available

  3. Kevin Willyerd says:

    We do not have an age requirement. Our policy is they need to be able to take directions and complete tasks.

  4. Evalee says:

    What is the minimum age for a child to volunteer? My daughter is 8 (will be 9 in May) and she loves animals but is to young to volunteer @ the shelter.

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