Babies on Valentine’s Day!

We have 8 new additions to our Animal Ark family!

20140206_101153 20140206_101109 20140206_101101

These cute and fluffy bunnies will be ready for presale to find their forever home on Valentines day, February 14th! They’ll be officially ready to go home by February 20th!

There’s not much around here that’s cuter than giving your special someone a special something. (Come on guys… girls love cute and cuddly things!)


Remember: Purchasing a pet is a commitment. Rabbits will live for 9-12 years. During this time they can make a very rewarding pet. Litter trainable and easily house broken, these guys can be fun for the whole family. Their diet consists of hay based pellet food, fresh hay and occasional treats! Young rabbits need alfalfa based pellets until they’re about 6 months. After that, Timothy based is just fine.



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6 Responses to Babies on Valentine’s Day!

  1. Unomonus says:

    How old r the bunnies?can I see new pics

  2. Unomonus says:

    How much r the cages?r the supplies cheap? Thanks

  3. Alexandra says:

    How many bunnies does Animal Ark have at this moment?

  4. Caroline says:

    How much will they cost?

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