Animal Ark has Returned!!

Sorry for the absence on our website! We’ve been SUPER busy trying to bring you the best at our store! Here are some of our updates, new and old news!

We’ve got some new faces to our Animal Ark family! If you’ve kept up with our Facebook page, you’ve seen these newbies. Give them a warm welcome!

Some of our associates, new and old!

Some of our associates, new and old!

We’ve also added some new critters to our line-up! Some of these guys we’ve had before, others are new to our store!

Meet Big Red! This here is our Red Iguana. It’s a bit feisty and was brought to us to find a new home for. Once Red is outta the cage, it calms a bit. It needs some TLC from someone who has had Iguanas before.
They’re HERBIVORES. This means they eat plants… only plants. Their digestive systems aren’t made for protein and thus can cause issues if you’re feeding them insects. Your iggy won’t die if it eats something that happened to get into the cage, but some people will insist theirs loves crickets and roaches. It is NOT recommended.

Give them heat and UV. Temps no lower than 80 degrees and as high as the mid 90’s is required. Give them a basking spot they can climb to with a good UVB bulb near their heat. This allows them to cool down if they need to and gather light as they please.

Iguanas like to climb! Give them a good sized cage and some branches. It’ll make them feel right at home!
Handling your iggy is important too. They can be aggressive by nature and, like most animals, take some time to warm up to your handling. 2-3 times a day is the best. Gentle, slow and steady. Stroke their back and neck. Give them enough time to settle in your hands before putting them back.

They do show defensive postures if they’re scared. Be aware of these postures so you know when you just need to leave them alone. Like us, they’ll have their bad days. I know I’m pretty grumpy if I haven’t had enough to eat.
-Mouth open when approaching. This is an “imma bite chu” stance. Give him a second to calm and try approaching again.
-Neck flap spread and puffing up. This is the iggy’s way of saying “I’m trying to appear bigger. This is my space!
-Whipping. They’ll whip with their tails. While they’re small, it’s just a bit annoying. Once they hit their full adult size of 4-5 feet, It can become painful.
All of these can be avoided with proper handling and a good setup!

Red Iguana with an attitude.

Red Iguana with an attitude.

Big Red 3

New posts to come soon so stay tuned!!

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