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New Arrivals for the Animal Ark Fish Department October 2015

Betta Male Lrg Crowntail Betta Male Lrg Cherry Barb Reg Tiger Barb Lrg Longfin Red Glass Barb Reg Indian Butterfly Catfish Reg Assorted Corydoras Med Polkadot Pictus Catfish Reg Plecostomus Florida Reg Plecostomus Florida Lrg Zebra Synodontis Catfish Hybrid Reg Assorted Fancy Angel Med Koi Angel Med Assorted Discus Reg Electric Blue Acara Reg Longfin Zebra Danio Reg GloFish® Cosmic Blue® Danio Reg GloFish® Electric Green® Tetra Reg GloFish® Electric Green® Danio Reg GloFish® Galactic Purple® Danio Reg GloFish® Starfire Red® Danio Reg GloFish® Electric Green® Barb Reg GloFish® Sunburst Orange® Tetra Reg GloFish® Moonrise Pink® Tetra Reg GloFish® Galactic Purple® Tetra Reg Glofish® Starfire Red® Tetra Reg Glofish® Cosmic … Continue reading

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New Puppy? Why you’ll Want A Crate

Long before dogs became domesticated, they lived in dens. Today our pet dogs naturally gravitate to a cozy enclosed area — whether it’s under the coffee table or in their personal den — their crate. Why use a crate?  Crate training is one method of house training, as generally puppies will not soil the area where they sleep and eat. Many people use crates beyond the puppy period for a sleeping area, to keep the pet out of trouble when they are not home, and in the car for travel safety. Crate Training: Introduce the crate slowly. Leave the door open, and offer treats in the crate.Midwest Homes offers some … Continue reading

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Black Throat Monitors!

Black Throats are in at the Ark! Temperatures: 80-85 with a basking spot capable of reaching 100+ Night time temps can drop as low as 72 and as high as 80. Habitat: Enclosure should allow for climbing and digging spots, moist (not wet) substrate and a water bowl big enough for them to get into should they like. Food: babies can eat feeder insects like crickets, roaches and superworms. They can also eat small feeder rodents (spot between the eyes like most reptiles for size of feeders). You can give them pieces of the rodent as well… as long as the pieces are bite sized. Some companies make a Monitor Diet similar to … Continue reading

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Jungle Carpet Python

  Jungle Carpet Python (Morelia spilota cheynei) These gorgeous snakes are nocturnal, meaning they do most of their hunting or movements at night. Temperatures: 75°F on the cold side to 92° on the warm side Humidity: 40%-60% Food: Mice, rats, chicks and quail are good feed choices… They prefer mice, but getting your Carpet on rats will be a good choice! You’ll have more time between feedings since rats have more nutrients for your whole food eaters. Substrate: newspaper, papertowel, cypress and aspen are ideal. Nothing overly moist. Adult size: 5-7ft.

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Want to Join the Animal Ark Family?!

APPLY HERE~~~~>EmploymentApplication <~~~~CLICK HERE   Well now you can! Fill out this attached form and bring it into our store for your chance to join our family! We are looking for Front End work only at the moment. Customer Service, computer work, inventory and cleaning. What are you waiting for!?

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Herping Season is Practically Here!

Our usual customers are either in for pet foods for the furry critters, or furry critters for their exotic pets! Now that the weather is warming up, some of our exotic owners will be out and about Herping. What is Herping? It’s when you go out and about looking for reptiles! (short explanation) Some people do it to photograph the wildlife. Others do it to see how our natives are thriving! Regardless of why you do it, there are rules to follow when Herping. You need a Hunting license and a Reptile/Amphibian stamp to handle, touch, pose or contact them in anyway. If you’re catching to keep, you need to … Continue reading

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“My Reptile Won’t Eat!” and Other Issues Found When it’s Cold!

  There are a lot of comments and posts about ornery snakes that just won’t eat, bearded dragons that do nothing but sleep sleep sleep and some critters that go through a completely catatonic state! Most of this is due to WINTER! Some animals will go through a month (sometimes up to 6 months) of downtime this time of year. It can be prevented (with most species) with proper habitat maintenance. Some keepers induce this state for breeding purposes. This is called Brumation. Before we get down and dirty with the facts of brumation and reptile hibernation… lets do a basic rundown of reptiles! Reptiles are Ectothermic… this means that … Continue reading

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Feeders! What to Feed and to Who!

What does my pet eat?! How much? How often? Where do I get these? EW REALLY?! DOES IT HAVE TO EAT THAT!? I’ve heard it all when it comes to pets and their diets. Even crazy questions like “I’m a vegetarian. Does my snake HAVE to eat animals?” (Yes… It is a born and bred carnivore and your snake will die a slow and painful death without meat. No matter what ANYONE ELSE tells you…) Today we’re gonna go over some popular food items for your more ‘exotic’ pets. You all noticed the image at the beginning of this post. Most of you probably cringed or scrolled past very quickly. … Continue reading

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Repticon is Nearing Quickly!

Everyone hates seeing something they can’t have… especially those in the exotics and reptile business! What better place to go and drool over things than Repticon for the best reptile browsing in the Houston area! December 6th and 7th we’ll be there with our Animal Ark family, bringing you our own assortment! Our staff will be more than happy to help you with any pet supplies, question and answer or even just for your viewing pleasure! We’ve got our usual inventory seen at our home site on Brookdale Drive in Kingwood, just miniaturized for travel! Come on out and see our selection! All your exotic and reptile supplies under one … Continue reading

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Sulcata Tortoise Care!

The Sulcata Tortoise is a favorite among many of our customers because they are absolutely adorable as hatchlings. They’re only an inch or so across (sometimes not much bigger than a pingpong ball!) and love to eat! The biggest issue with those people who find them irresistible is the lack of research. A Sulcata becomes a lifetime investment and commitment. They’ll be a living heirloom for your children and even grandchildren to pass down. They’ve been known to live up to 150 years (or more!) and grow almost 200lbs! These are NOT a beginner pet. Down to care and handling! Habitat: As hatchlings, you can keep them in a 10 gallon … Continue reading

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