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Volunteer Work at Animal Ark

This young man comes into Animal Ark on his days off from school to help us keep the store in working order. As a volunteer, you’re expected to help feed and water our small animals and our petters (large enclosures in the front for handling certain animals like rabbits, guinea pigs and prairie dogs). Facing and dusting shelves are often done too. What you do depends on your age and skill level. Volunteers have to be ready and willing to follow direction and learn about what they’re caring for while here. It can be a very rewarding and educational experience!  

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Try our Nutro Natural Choice dog food FREE!

Yup! You’ve read that correctly. I said completely free! With a purchase of a single 15 pound bag of Nutro Natural Choice dog food, you can be given a rebate for the full price of the bag. Just as an Animal Ark Associate for details!

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Baby Ferrets!

We’ve just received our litter of baby ferrets in time for the holidays. They’re full of energy and spunk. It’s like a cat and a slinky had a baby… a very cute and fuzzy baby. These guys are pretty easy to take care of but need lots of love and attention like any animal does. They’re here to find their forever home. Ferrets live for anywhere from 7 to 10 years and are carnivores. You can feed them ferret diet or high quality cat foods. They’re crepuscular. This means they sleep for a really long time (14-16 hours a day) and are only active around dawn or dusk. Ferrets like sleeping … Continue reading

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Who Do You Prefer?!

Animal Ark tries it’s best to supply the Kingwood and surrounding areas with a wide variety of pets and pet products. We carry specialty foods for your dog or cat in regular and grain free varieties. For the more scaley critters, we have live, frozen and dried foods as well as the bowls and cage decorations to keep your pets happy. Lighting for these special guys also available in a plethora of wattage. We’ve even stocked a great assortment of foods for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils,  mice and rats. Exotics like Sugar Gliders and Degu’s even have a selection! Call or visit today for an extensive list of our … Continue reading

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