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Research is key!

Knowing about your pet is crucial to their health and happiness. Diet, exercise, socialization (or lack of for ornamental pets) are very important. Owning a Cat is super easy if you have a lap, good food, fresh water and proper grooming (depending on the breed grooming isn’t an issue) They’re pretty self-sufficient critters. Dogs aren’t much different but they tend to need more attention, exercise and outdoor time and a different diet than a feline. Cats and dogs are too ‘normal’ for you?! That’s not a problem either. There are hundreds of other animals to choose from. -Reptiles need special heating because they’re cold blooded. They can’t regulate their temperatures … Continue reading

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He dosen’t miss any meals

Giant African Pixie Frog

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Baby Central American Red Tail Boa

This one is only a hatchling. It’s barely a foot in length compared to it’s parents who can get as long as 5-7 feet!

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Peacock Spider

Courtship display of the Coastal peacock spider (Maratus speciosus). It’s “dance” to attract the female is incredible. It inhabits coastal dune habitats near Perth in Western Australia.    

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California Kingsnake With Mustache

It looks like this CalKing has a handlebar mustache.  

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Bearded Dragon

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