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Volunteer Work at Animal Ark

This young man comes into Animal Ark on his days off from school to help us keep the store in working order. As a volunteer, you’re expected to help feed and water our small animals and our petters (large enclosures in the front for handling certain animals like rabbits, guinea pigs and prairie dogs). Facing and dusting shelves are often done too. What you do depends on your age and skill level. Volunteers have to be ready and willing to follow direction and learn about what they’re caring for while here. It can be a very rewarding and educational experience!  

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Green Iguanas!

We have baby Green Iguanas available at Animal Ark!     Green Iguanas are from Central and South America. They are STRICT HERBIVORES! No matter what you hear about them eating insects or animal proteins… Do. Not. feed these guys these things. It can cause severe issues on their insides. They’re not meant to digest these proteins. Instead, you can give them a large variety of fruits and vegetables. Collard greens, turnip greens, mustard greens, dandelion greens (with flowers), escarole, water cress are good examples of healthy greens. Never feed your Iguana (or any other veggie eating animal) Iceburg lettuce. It lacks any nutritional value and can cause the runs. … Continue reading

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Rescues and Adoptions

We try to do as much as we can to help out our local community by rescuing exotics, small animals and kittens. We have our rules like any professional establishment and we try to follow those as strictly as possible. This makes our rescues safe and happy for us and their future Forever Homes. Kittens are placed on a waiting list once they meet our requirements for rescue. They must be healthy, under 9 weeks, indoors and cannot be strays. We can’t take in stray kittens because it’s impossible to test for everything. We need to guarantee their health before adopting them out to their new homes. When a litter … Continue reading

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