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Black Throat Monitors!

Black Throats are in at the Ark! Temperatures: 80-85 with a basking spot capable of reaching 100+ Night time temps can drop as low as 72 and as high as 80. Habitat: Enclosure should allow for climbing and digging spots, moist (not wet) substrate and a water bowl big enough for them to get into should they like. Food: babies can eat feeder insects like crickets, roaches and superworms. They can also eat small feeder rodents (spot between the eyes like most reptiles for size of feeders). You can give them pieces of the rodent as well… as long as the pieces are bite sized. Some companies make a Monitor Diet similar to … Continue reading

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Polydactyl!? What is that?!

Cats normally have 18 toes, 5 toes on both front and 4 on the back paws. Some cats have a genetic abnormality that can be passed down from parents. It’s called Polydactylism. Ernest Hemingway was a big fan of these kitties, giving them the name “Hemingway’s Cats.” This little black kitten has a total of 32 toes! She has found her forever home already but we wanted to share and educate you on the feline anomaly. It’s quite unique and gives this kitten more character than we thought possible for such a tiny critter. She’s adventurous and fears nothing.

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Black Blood Python

      He has found his forever home earlier this week! We’ll sure miss this guy! This is our Black Blood Python. It’s a beautiful specimen. Bright orange eyes with the typical snake slit pupil. It’s a fantastic eater too! Naturally with special breeds like this you need proper temperatures and habitat settings. They are not for beginners and range more for the intermediate to professional handlers. Come by to see our extensive selection of snakes and other specialty reptiles.

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Reptiworm Nutritional Values!

Reptiworms, also known as Phoenix Worms and Black Soldier Fly Larvae, are delicious and nutritious for your carnivore/omnivore critters. They’re quiet. They don’t smell and you don’t have to feed them! They’re a complete replacement for crickets and other insect feeders. They’re now available in a plethora of sizes for even hatchling reptiles. Hermetia illucens can be eaten throughout every part of it’s life cycle. When the larvae darken into their Pupa stage they actually contain MORE calcium for your pet!

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Black Kitten

He doesn’t look much like a kitten anymore, but he sure acts like it! He’s been with us since he was 6 weeks old. Going on 6 months now he really needs to find his forever home! Born March 9 2013  

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