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Look! Another Crestie!

These guys are still babies and have a lot of growing and learning to do. They’re very docile. This little guy didn’t want to get off my hand during our little photoshoot. When interacting with your pet Crestie, you’ll learn that they love to jump and once they’ve found their target, they rarely miss it! Careful though. If your pet doesn’t quite make his or her landing, it can be fatal for them. They’re usually nocturnal tree dwellers and spend most of their time resting under leaves until nightfall where they then spend their nights foraging for bugs and other tasty, crunchy things.

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Crested Gecko

Crested Geckos, also known as Eyelash Geckos, are very easy to care for. They were thought to be extinct until they were found again in 1994. The color variations of these critters are wild and crazy. Specialized breeders will breed the Crestie just for these special colorations!

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