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Feeders! What to Feed and to Who!

What does my pet eat?! How much? How often? Where do I get these? EW REALLY?! DOES IT HAVE TO EAT THAT!? I’ve heard it all when it comes to pets and their diets. Even crazy questions like “I’m a vegetarian. Does my snake HAVE to eat animals?” (Yes… It is a born and bred carnivore and your snake will die a slow and painful death without meat. No matter what ANYONE ELSE tells you…) Today we’re gonna go over some popular food items for your more ‘exotic’ pets. You all noticed the image at the beginning of this post. Most of you probably cringed or scrolled past very quickly. … Continue reading

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Golden Geckos

We just received our Golden Geckos! These guys get there name from the yellow and golden colored scales. Golden Geckos originate from the tropical forests of Vietnam. They can reach a length of 8 inches. They’re insectivores, eating crickets, superworms, mealworms (moderation) and small roaches. All of their food needs to be gutloaded and dusted for calcium and multivitamins. The habitat needed for these guys should be a vertical space. Golden Geckos are climbers, making floor space less important. Temperatures should range 75-80 in the basking area and room temperature is fine in the ambient temp of the cage. They require 60% humidity, but the cage can be allowed to … Continue reading

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What’s A Tokay Gecko?

A Tokay Gecko is one of the largest Geckos in the world. Their name comes from the unique vocalizations they make during mating season or when startled. These guys can be very territorial and aggressive, but make great ornamental pets for intermediate owners. Most Tokay’s you find in your local pet stores are wild caught. Their diet consists mainly of insects or other small invertebrates, but they can eat small mammals as well! If it fits in it’s mouth… it’s food. Tokay Geckos can be tamed but it takes time and patience… and iron fingers. Come down today to see our selection of Tokays and many other geckos!

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Who Do You Prefer?!

Animal Ark tries it’s best to supply the Kingwood and surrounding areas with a wide variety of pets and pet products. We carry specialty foods for your dog or cat in regular and grain free varieties. For the more scaley critters, we have live, frozen and dried foods as well as the bowls and cage decorations to keep your pets happy. Lighting for these special guys also available in a plethora of wattage. We’ve even stocked a great assortment of foods for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils,  mice and rats. Exotics like Sugar Gliders and Degu’s even have a selection! Call or visit today for an extensive list of our … Continue reading

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Look! Another Crestie!

These guys are still babies and have a lot of growing and learning to do. They’re very docile. This little guy didn’t want to get off my hand during our little photoshoot. When interacting with your pet Crestie, you’ll learn that they love to jump and once they’ve found their target, they rarely miss it! Careful though. If your pet doesn’t quite make his or her landing, it can be fatal for them. They’re usually nocturnal tree dwellers and spend most of their time resting under leaves until nightfall where they then spend their nights foraging for bugs and other tasty, crunchy things.

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Crested Gecko

Crested Geckos, also known as Eyelash Geckos, are very easy to care for. They were thought to be extinct until they were found again in 1994. The color variations of these critters are wild and crazy. Specialized breeders will breed the Crestie just for these special colorations!

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