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New Puppy? Why you’ll Want A Crate

Long before dogs became domesticated, they lived in dens. Today our pet dogs naturally gravitate to a cozy enclosed area — whether it’s under the coffee table or in their personal den — their crate. Why use a crate?  Crate training is one method of house training, as generally puppies will not soil the area where they sleep and eat. Many people use crates beyond the puppy period for a sleeping area, to keep the pet out of trouble when they are not home, and in the car for travel safety. Crate Training: Introduce the crate slowly. Leave the door open, and offer treats in the crate.Midwest Homes offers some … Continue reading

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Try our Nutro Natural Choice dog food FREE!

Yup! You’ve read that correctly. I said completely free! With a purchase of a single 15 pound bag of Nutro Natural Choice dog food, you can be given a rebate for the full price of the bag. Just as an Animal Ark Associate for details!

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Dog and Cat Food!

We sell a wide variety of dog and cat foods. Everything we carry is a top quality meal for your pets with competitive prices! We are also one of the only people in the Houston area that carries Victor Grain Free! Blue Buffalo Country Naturals Grandma Mae’s Nutro Ultra, Natural Choice and Max Victor (assorted varieties) Chicken Soup for the dog, cat and puppy lover’s soul. Dealers Choice Taste of the Wild BFF canned and pouch cat foods Weruva canned cat food Chicken Soup canned cat food If we don’t have it, we can get it or point you in the right direction!

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