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Animal Ark has Returned!!

Sorry for the absence on our website! We’ve been SUPER busy trying to bring you the best at our store! Here are some of our updates, new and old news! We’ve got some new faces to our Animal Ark family! If you’ve kept up with our Facebook page, you’ve seen these newbies. Give them a warm welcome! We’ve also added some new critters to our line-up! Some of these guys we’ve had before, others are new to our store! Meet Big Red! This here is our Red Iguana. It’s a bit feisty and was brought to us to find a new home for. Once Red is outta the cage, it … Continue reading

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Albino Red Tail Boa

This is our Male Albino Red Tail Boa. Weight: 815 grams Length: 2.5′-3′

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High Color Bearded Dragon

We have a new addition to our AA family. This is a male bearded dragon. His bright colors are bred specifically by professional breeders. This guy is in the middle of a shed on his back so his colors aren’t quite as vibrant as they should be, but once he sheds that old skin they pop! He loves climbing onto your head and just sitting there. He’s about full grown and waiting for his forever home! Come in today to check him out!

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Another Shot of Our Red-Eyes!

Our Red-eyed Tree Frogs are out and about!

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Another Red-eye!

This little guy popped out to say hello right after their misting and feeding.

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Red-eyed Tree Frog

These little guys are tropical critters found throughout Central America and southern Mexico. They’re not poisonous despite their colorful patters. These vibrant colors stay hidden until they feel threatened, then they flash their sides and open those eyes to make their predators think twice. That hesitation gives the Red-eye a chance to escape.

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Fire-Bellied Toad

These little guys can live up to 12 years in captivity. They’re called Fire-belly because of the flamboyant coloring on their underside. They use this as a warning to possible predators saying “I taste bad!”

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Baby Central American Red Tail Boa

This one is only a hatchling. It’s barely a foot in length compared to it’s parents who can get as long as 5-7 feet!

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