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Sugar Gliders

  These guys are normally nocturnal, but when they hear someone rattling their treats, they’re up and awake!

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Rescues and Adoptions

We try to do as much as we can to help out our local community by rescuing exotics, small animals and kittens. We have our rules like any professional establishment and we try to follow those as strictly as possible. This makes our rescues safe and happy for us and their future Forever Homes. Kittens are placed on a waiting list once they meet our requirements for rescue. They must be healthy, under 9 weeks, indoors and cannot be strays. We can’t take in stray kittens because it’s impossible to test for everything. We need to guarantee their health before adopting them out to their new homes. When a litter … Continue reading

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Baby Sugar Gliders!

We have new baby Sugar Gliders! These little guys were out of the pouch on August 26. They’ll be ready to go to a forever home on October 1st! Sugar Gliders are not beginner pets. They’re Nocturnal, social and need lots of love and attention. They have specialized diets with fruits and veggies. You have to bond with this pet like you would a small child. These guys, when not taken care of properly, can be easily stressed and even die. They’re not for everyone, but when taken care of properly, can be a very rewarding pet! Their life span is about 10 years. Come reserve your Sugar Glider today! … Continue reading

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